The Crosbie Crew meets for training seven days a week. These sessions are located centrally around the Tan Track in Melbourne, with an alternative Monday session at 5:30 at Princes Park in Carlton North and a Wednesday evening session in Sunbury.  We cater for all abilities across a wide variety of events and distances. Our members range from beginners and casual runners to athletes competing in national and international events. So, whatever your ability or ambition, there is always something for you.

Our Group Sessions


6:10 p.m.The Tan - The Pillars

This is our largest group session of the week, which sometimes sees over 100 people in attendance. It’s a hard but fun session with lots of people of all abilities working hard to improve their running. Quality sessions are aimed at improving running technique, speed and endurance. Sessions include things like intervals, fartleks and hills. We split into three different groups – endurance, skills acquisition and speed development. Each group caters for runners of all abilities.


6 p.m.Parkview Reserve, Sunbury

For members located in the North Western Suburbs, an alternative quality session is available each Wednesday evening in Sunbury. Check out the Crosbie Crew Sunbury Facebook Page for details of weekly training sessions


6:10 p.m.The Tan - The Pillars

This quality session follows the same routine as the Tuesday night. On Thursday, we also offer tempo runs with speeds and distances varying according to training plans and levels of fitness. Please speak to one of our coaches if you need more information on these tempo runs, which are invaluable come race days.


8:30 a.m.The Tan - Gate 'D'

The Saturday morning run is beginner and family friendly, with prams a familiar sight. Distances from 5km to 10km,  the pace is easy and usually includes a walking group too for those returning from injury, or simply wanting a leisurely start to their weekend.  Generally commencing at Gate "D" of the Botanical Gardens, coffees or breakfast follow in one of the Domain Road cafes or local park,  weather permitting.  


8.00 a.m.Varies - check Facebook for details

The Crosbie Crew heads to a variety of locations across metropolitan Melbourne for the Sunday long run (known as the SLR). Generally the location is within 15km of the city and distances range between 12km and 24km during the spring and summer period, with various pace groups. To find out where our next SLR is, join the Crosbie Crew Facebook group. Details are usually available by Wednesday night each week.

Where do I store my gear?

Most members need somewhere to put their gear at training sessions, and there is almost always a member’s car being used for safe and secure storage. If you are getting there on foot, bike or public transport and need some storage space, you only have to ask.  Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before the session starts so you have plenty of time to take advantage of “bag drop” before training begins.

Want a Personal Training Plan?

We realise that every runner is different, so it’s important to make sure your training program is aligned to your specific needs.

The Crosbie Crew provides coaching advice through the expertise of our qualified coaches. They’re here to help you achieve your personal running goals.

You’ll have access to training plans on our secure website, from there you can chat to a coach for advice on how to adjust it for your own goals and circumstances. So feel free to make the most of the expertise we have within our coaching team.

If you want to know more simply email our
Coaching Co-ordinator

South Melbourne Athletics Club

We have a strong association with South Melbourne Athletics Club – great for those who want to try their hand at Club Level Track and Field Events and Cross Country Racing.  Check out the South Melbourne AC Facebook page or chat to Tim Crosbie at one of our training session for more information.

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