Fast and flat in Berlin

The Berlin Marathon saw 13 of the crew running in one of the world’s best sports participation events at the home of the world marathon record (for over a decade now). It’s an amazing experience, with 40,000 marathoners participating. The course – understandably renowned as fast and flat – saw personal bests from Helena Cairney, Andrew Ross, Jason Rawlings (first sub three hour run), Chris Parker (first sub four hour run) and Caroline Scott who ran 19 minutes quicker than she had ever previously covered the 42.195km distance. And our very own President broke the 3.20 mark himself. So big thanks to everyone for putting up with me along the way. It was a wonderful day in Germany. There were notable runs from Liz Weldon, James Smith and Mark Hayes, whilst our London-based Crosbie Crew counterparts, Nat Roche and Nick Metz, cruised to the finish line and Andrew Jekot, despite suffering health troubles throughout his training, also finished in style. The support crew of family and friends, led by tireless traveller Kirstin Bull and super coach Marianne Hutchinson, popped up in multiple places along the course, providing much needed encouragement to us all. Thanks also to the Melbourne supporters who set up the Crosbie Crew Headquarters at South Wharf’s Munich Brauhaus. Every Crosbie Crew runner was tracked and their stats were recorded, whilst the crew drank steins and placed bets on (and against) the Berlin runners achieving their goals. Overall, Berlin was a great experience for all the runners and their families and friends who travelled with them – truly a highly recommended event.

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